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The TLDR Team tackle some of the biggest issues in UK, European, US and Global politics - discussing things which could never be covered in short YouTube Videos. Unfortunately the countries with shoes don't make an apperance.

Running Down The Majority

Last year 1575

Jack and Zac react to the latest goings on in Parliament, and discuss the likelihood of Tory success in the potential General Election.

The Triple Failure

Last year 2113

Jack, Zac and Ben react to the latest parliamentary votes; discussing the Benn Bill, Johnson's attempt to call a general election of Javid's Spending Update.

Parliament is Over Party

Last year 2618

Jack, Zac and Ben discuss the chaos in Parliament in the hours before Johnson shut it down. They discuss the most recent attempt to call a general election, the Grieve Motion, prorogation and the other paths forward the PM has from here.

Pacts, Speeches & Court Rulings

Last year 3847

Jack and Ben discuss the Scottish High Court's verdict over parliament's prorogation; Boris Johnson's Rotherham speech; Nigel Farage's failed electoral pact and the People's Prime Minister's Questions.

The Fun Episode

Last year 5326

Jack and Ben go through what the listeners think will happen in an upcoming election and answer some questions about politics, TLDR News and breakfasts! 

Timecode for the Q&A section - 0:37:28

Conferences & Court Rulings

Last year 4617

In this episode Ben and Zach discuss the Supreme Court's ruling on Johnson's advice to the Queen; the Labour Party Conference; the Liberal Democrat Party Conference and breakfasts (again)!

The Queen's Speech & Extinction Rebellion

Last year 2684

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss the latest brexit chaos, Extinction Rebellion and the Queen's Speech

The Great Brexit Railroad

Last year 4167

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac attempt to discuss the Saturday sitting of Parliament, some wholesome news and a tonne of Ben's railroads

Election Season Begins

Last year 2983

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In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss our trip to No. 10 Downing Street, the upcoming UK General Election and Larry the Cat (the Chief Mouser). And Ben manages to keep the railroads to a minimum.

Debate Night: Corbyn vs Johnson

Last year 4288

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss the election debate and the CCHQ twitter scandal. 

TLDR Interviews Green Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley

Last year 6383

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac interview the Green Party's co-leader, Jonathan Bartley. We discuss a variety of topics from their manifesto, nuclear power and UBI to veganism, drumming and plants. 

Scottish Independence & Marginal Seats (w/ Andrew Hilland)

11 months ago 2078

In this episode, Jack and Ben interview Labour candidate Andrew Hilland. We discuss a variety of topics from Scottish independence, the future of Scottish Labour and what it's like to run in a marginal constituency.

Bung a Bob for a Big Brexit Podcast

10 months ago 2126

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss the Labour leadership election, HS2, the new 50p commemorative coin and the bong-ing of Big Ben for Brexit.

So... Brexit Happened

9 months ago 3015

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss Prime Minister Boris Johnson's speech on Friday, the UK leaving the EU and a school uniform bill.

The Cummings Special

9 months ago 2158

In this episode Jack, Ben, Zac and Nelson discuss the Prime Minister's special adviser Dominic Cummings and the controversies surrounding him. 

Labour Leadership, Coronavirus & Heathrow

8 months ago 2918

In this episode, Jack, Ben and Zac discuss the Labour leadership race, coronavirus and the expansion of Heathrow.

The UK's Budget, Rudd's Oxford Speech & of course Coronavirus

8 months ago 2983

In this episode, Jack and Ben discuss the Labour leadership race, coronavirus and the expansion of Heathrow.

TLDR Podcasts YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/tldrpodcasts

Telegraph Article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/08/coronavirus-shows-trendy-urban-lifestyles-have-made-us-chillingly/

Corona Crisis Continues

8 months ago 3811

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss... well just the Coronavirus (and of course do so at a very safe distance).

The TLDR Podcast is Back!

4 months ago 2830

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss what lockdown has been like; the Leicester lockdown; social bubbles and lockdown media consumption.

Covid: Getting Used to a New Normal

4 months ago 2524

In this episode Jack, Ben, Zac and Nelson discuss the planned reopening of schools, proposed spending vouchers, the eased lockdown in mainland Europe and Ben's university grade.

The Fun Episode Revisited: TLDR Q&A

4 months ago 3602

In this episode Jack, Ben, Zac & Nelson answer some fun questions from the audience. Jack also, shamelessly, promotes the Brexit colouring book by simultaneously colouring it in.

The Russia Report

4 months ago 3729

In this episode Jack, Ben, Zac & Nelson discuss the Russia Report, Kanye West, student loan changes and a particularly good interview from Andrew Marr.

The link to the episode of Andrew Marr discussed in the podcast is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000l4h5/the-andrew-marr-show-19072020

An Update on the US, Brexit Developments and Party Leaders

6 weeks ago 4309

In this episode Ben, Zac, Nelson and Josh (one of our US writers) discuss the US presidential election, the current developments in Brexit and our evaluations of UK party leaders. 

Johnson and Burnham Bridge the Gap

5 weeks ago 2849

In this episode Ben, Zac, Nelson and Josh discuss the bust-up between Andy Burnham and Boris Johnson, this weeks' Prime Minister's Questions, the Hammersmith Bridge, progress on the vaccine and the latest developments in Brexit. 

An Election Rundown and a Rant about Relationships

Last Month 3674

In this episode, Ben, Josh, Brett and Hamilton discuss the developments in the US presidential election. Then Ben, Josh, Zac and Nelson discuss the Labour antisemitism report (including Corbyn being kicked out of the Labour Party), the rules about relationships and the free school meals debate.

Is a Second Lockdown Really a Good Idea?

29 days ago 1410

Over the weekend Johnson announced that  England would be heading back into a COVID lockdown until December. So in this episode, we discuss what this means for the English and if lockdown really is the right solution.

Watch On YouTube: https://youtu.be/6jxe_MB8C4s

TLDR's Guide to 2020 Election Night

28 days ago 1454

Today's the day. American's are heading to the polls (well besides the nearly 100,000,000 people who voted early) so we're thinking about the results more than ever. So in this episode, we speak to the TLDR US team to find out key advice for election night, the races to watch, the myths to avoid and what to expect.

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Johnson's Government Failing to Communicate? Britains' Communication Crisis Explained

3 weeks ago 2099

In this episode, we discuss three crises the government have faced when trying to communicate with the public in the pandemic: calling for a second lockdown; discussing when the lockdown will end; and an advert about a government jobs scheme.

Cummings Quits! Was He a Political Genius or Just a Lucky Fool?

2 weeks ago 1668

In this episode, Ben and Zac debate whether Dominic Cummings was a genius or whether he was just lucky with the timing of the EU referendum.

Vaccine News! How Will Vaccines Bring Us Back to Normal?

6 days ago 2073

In this episode Ben, Josh and, Nelson discuss the progress of the Oxford vaccine and how it may bring the world back to 'normal'.  

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Should Priti Patel Have Been Fired for Bullying?

4 days ago 1691

In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss the report that was given to the Prime Minister last week that confirmed that the Home Secretary (Priti Patel) bullied people who worked under her in the Home Office.

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