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Too Long; Didn't Read


The TLDR Team tackle some of the biggest issues in UK, European, US & Global politics - discussing things which could never be covered in 10 minute YouTube Videos. Unfortunately the countries with shoes don't make an apperance.

Running Down The Majority

5 weeks ago 1575

Jack and Zac react to the latest goings on in Parliament, and discuss the likelihood of Tory success in the potential General Election.

The Triple Failure

5 weeks ago 2113

Jack, Zac and Ben react to the latest parliamentary votes; discussing the Benn Bill, Johnson's attempt to call a general election of Javid's Spending Update.

Parliament is Over Party

Last Month 2618

Jack, Zac and Ben discuss the chaos in Parliament in the hours before Johnson shut it down. They discuss the most recent attempt to call a general election, the Grieve Motion, prorogation and the other paths forward the PM has from here.

Pacts, Speeches & Court Rulings

3 weeks ago 3847

Jack and Ben discuss the Scottish High Court's verdict over parliament's prorogation; Boris Johnson's Rotherham speech; Nigel Farage's failed electoral pact and the People's Prime Minister's Questions.

The Fun Episode

3 weeks ago 5326

Jack and Ben go through what the listeners think will happen in an upcoming election and answer some questions about politics, TLDR News and breakfasts! 

Timecode for the Q&A section - 0:37:28

Conferences & Court Rulings

2 weeks ago 4617

In this episode Ben and Zach discuss the Supreme Court's ruling on Johnson's advice to the Queen; the Labour Party Conference; the Liberal Democrat Party Conference and breakfasts (again)!